How to silence the first class crowd

The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable by Taleb, Nassim Nicholas Re-issue Edition (2008) - Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Once, on a transatlantic flight, I found myself upgraded to first class next to an expensively dressed, high-powered lady dripping with gold and jewelry who continously ate nuts (low-carb diet, perhaps), insisted on drinking only Evian, all the while reading the European edition of *The Wall Street Journal*. She kept trying to start a conversation in broken French, since she saw me reading a book (in French) by the sociologist-philosopher Pierre Bordieu - which, ironically, dealt with the marks of social distinction. I informed her (in English) that I was a limousine driver, proudly insisting that I only drove "very upper-ended" cars. An icy silence lasted the whole flight, and, although I could feel the tension, it allowed me to read in peace."


Nassim Nicholas Taleb in Black Swan